All the things I hated as a child are now dear to me. Well, most of them are. I remember my dad’s spankings with fondness. One time I was hammering with a tinkertoy, the round spool piece stuck on the end of a green stick, and when swung over my shoulder to hammer down again the spool piece flew off the stick. Where do you think it headed? According to Murphy’s law it would head in the worst possible direction and it did so with malicious glee. Right through the clock window. The glass in the clock had a gilt criss cross design in it and was shattered into many pieces. My mom spanked me immediately and when my dad came home he spanked me for it again. I felt terrible about it anyway, I had ruined our beautiful clock. I didn’t mean to. The glass was cleaned out and saran wrap taped into the door. It was like that for years. At that time a piece of plain glass cut to fit in the opening probably would have cost $3 but that was money we didn’t have. Eventually my dad bought a piece of glass and installed it. 

Last fall my dad died and we are sorting stuff to sell. I saw that clock, no longer working, in the bottom of a desk drawer and asked my mom about getting it fixed. I took it to a clock shop last week and yesterday he called and said it was done, working. $65 worth of labor to clean and oil and now it is running again. He said it was a Howard Miller clock. When it is sold at the kinna fenyu (PA Dutch for children’s auction) I will be sure to bid on it. I would like to have it as a reminder to be careful when I hammer with tinker toys. 


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