I used to spend tons of time on Facebook and decided not to do that any more. Instead I am writing a blog for my creative outlet and have it linked to my Facebook account which is only family members now. I will write about things that happened during the week or things that are on my mind. I am a woodworker and tool collector so most of my posts will include some references to those passions.


    Today’s post is all my mother-in-law Mary’s fault. Last fall she rearranged her house and put her former living room into her former dining room and vice-versa. This caused the little cogs to start spinning in my wife Meg’s head. We never ate in our dining room; we home school and the dining room was the school area in our small house and not conducive to setting up an area large enough to seat guests. At home alone we eat our dinner in the living room in front of the TV. She decided that she would also move our living room / TV room into what was currently our dining area. In order to do this we needed a new entertainment center built into a corner, which would be funded with our tax return money. I began designing an entertainment center and when done figured it would cost about $300 for materials.

                We waited most of the winter, a harsh winter, and finally received our tax return after filing. My wife thought $300 was a bit much to spend for a TV cabinet so we went shopping. We found a very nice shelf unit at Menards and a mounting bracket to put our TV on the wall from Amazon. Incidentally the bracket only cost $25 and came with an HDMI cable so now we can hook up our computers to the TV. The ent. shelf unit cost $200.

                Last weekend we began rearranging stuff. It was a very major undertaking. One corner cabinet contains most of her Breyer horse models and I think there are about 200 horses in there. We took all the horses out and set them around, mostly on the kitchen floor, then moved the cabinet, cleaned it, and put the horses back in. We worked on assembling the ent. Shelf unit, installing the TV bracket and mounting the TV and moving all the furniture.

                Here is what we arrived at. Meg’s chair is on the right, the small sofa on the left and my chair kind of in front of the sofa facing towards the TV. There is room to sit on the sofa comfortably, leg room between my chair and the sofa.


The television mounted on the wall with the shelf unit below. We have the main stereo on the top shelf with speakers on the floor and then the DVD player on the shelf below and CD player on the left beside it. The wires hang in the back, we will probably organize them at some point.


                We needed a central location to put all of our DVDs without spending a bunch of money. I have been building simple inexpensive shelving for books out of 1 X pine boards and did the same yesterday for our movies. I had two pine boards in the shop for the sides and simply bought eleven 1 X 6 pine boards 36” long for the shelves and stretchers here. The unit is screwed to the wall at the top. This completes our TV room. Today I am dismantling our old ent. center and will use the parts to build some furniture to sell I think.



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